75 Custom Stickers, 3.25" Width, by BootsTees

75 Custom Stickers, 3.25" Width

Regular price $116.25

Published on Thu, May 04, 2023

This listing is for 75 Custom stickers.

Design: ESY=FUN
Pricing: $1.55/sticker
Shipping: Free

• Clean surface thoroughly before application, apply when dry
• To apply: press, rub, and smooth down sticker (do not scrape or scratch)
• Best applied to smooth surfaces with no texture

• TO WASH: gently hand wash (no scrubbing or abrasive brushes) or wipe with a smooth, wet cloth
• DISHWASHER SAFE (top rack)

• UV RESISTANCE: These stickers are UV resistant :)
• SCRATCH RESISTANCE: Scratch resistant, but not 100% scratch proof. If applying to a surface that may scrape against sharp surfaces, we recommend covering the sticker with clear contact paper or applying a coat of acrylic spray

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