Not My President T-Shirt by Boots Tees
November 12, 2016 09:00

Not My President t-shirt by Boots Tees
Well, the election is over, but the fight for some people is not. This "Not My President"
t-shirt is for those who know that love always trumps hate, racism, and sexism.

Not My President women's t-shirt by Boots Tees
Never give up on love.

Rules are for suckers. Who likes rules, anyway?
February 02, 2016 11:00

To be perfectly honest, I kind of like rules. I'm really not much of a rebel or anything. I'm a big fan of order, efficiency, and rule-following (unless the rules are dumb). I promise that when I get older, I'll loosen up a bit. Someday I'm going to stop living cautiously, cross everything off my bucket list, and really live. When I do, my first course of action will be to throw caution to wind and PICK UP THOSE SCISSORS AND RUN. Let's live. :)

 Fight the Power T-Shirt
  Designed by Boots
  $8 + $5 Flat Shipping (price available through 2/7)
  Available from, here:

  Fight the Power T-Shirt

"Believe in Yourself" Available on Shirt.Woot
August 07, 2015 11:01

Inspirational Loch Ness Monster T-Shirt

A Message to everyone from Nessy. Never stop believing in yourself, even when no else does.

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"Believe in Yourself" Inspirational Loch Ness Monster Shirt (by Boots)

$10-13 + shipping | Available from Shirt.Woot.

"Dr. Awkward" Available on Shirt.Woot
July 02, 2015 13:01

Dr. Awkward Superhero Shirt

Did Someone say Superhero? Did someone say Geek?
You know that awkward friend or relative you have? That one who never says the right thing, but tries oh so hard. The king (or queen) of uncomfortable silences, the bringer of awkward conversation, the spiller of drinks, the bumper over of tables. Or maybe that's you, yourself. If that's the case, here's a shirt for you and your awkward superpower.

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"Dr. Awkward" Superhero Shirt (by Boots)

$8 + shipping | Available from Shirt.Woot through 7/5



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