Free March for Science Poster Printable

Free March for Science Poster Printable


Happy Earth Day! Obviously, it's too late for t-shirts, but if anyone needs a fun science poster for the March for Science (or just for kicks), feel free to download and print this one I designed. I have digital posters available in my Etsy Shop, but this one's totally free to anyone who will make good use of it.

Thanks to everyone who is marching! It's greatly appreciated!

Here are the files (take your pick):
8.5x11 (inch) Poster
12x18 (inch) Poster

16x20 (inch) Poster
18x24 (inch) Poster

• Free for personal use on paper goods ONLY.


••• Basic Instructions for Use •••

• For Home Printing •

  1. Open the file that you'd like to print. 
  2. Print on your home printer with the matching paper size (the paper sizes are denoted in the file names), and borderless setting, if available. It's that easy. :)

• For Printing at Local Stores •

  1. Go to the website of the local chain that you'd like to have your file printed with (Staples, Fed Ex, and Office Max all do printing). 
  2. Follow the instructions to upload your file, select the product you'd like it printed on (normally "poster"), make adjustments and choose options, and purchase. You'll be able to select the local store where you'd like to pick up your print. 

Note: Different stores have different default sizes for their posters. You may have an easier time uploading the following sizes to each of these places (personally, I think Staples is the easiest to use):

  • Staples: 12x18 or 18x24 
  • Fed Ex: 16x20 or 18x24 
  • Office Max: 16x20 or 18x24 


  • If your home printer has a borderless setting, use it. The files look best when printed borderless with a small amount of extension (most photo printers have these settings in their file set up menus). Basically, you'd print these files the same way you'd print a photo on a piece of photo paper.
  • Use whatever paper you like, but heavier paper will have a better feel (and will hold up better when making a hand held sign.
  • If for some reason you can't open up the PDF files, you can use Adobe Acrobat Reader (it's free to download).

All Files and Designs are © BootsTees 2017. All rights reserved.

These files are for personal use only and are protected by copyright. You may print the files as many times as you like, but you may not share or resell the files or items made from the files. You may also not create derivative works from the artwork. You may ONLY use the files to print them on paper goods. Using the files to print on other items such as apparel (t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, etc), mugs, accessories, etc is strictly prohibited. All files and the content within them are the original creation by and property of Boots Tees.

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